Anthology (formerly Campus Labs) Outcomes

Ultra Ready LTI + REST

Blackboard users can import scores from the Blackboard course gradebook into Outcomes to demonstrate student learning outcome achievement.


Outcomes users can import student-level results from their Blackboard course gradebook easily when this LMS integration is enabled. This allows faculty members to record student scores related to signature assessments in their LMS gradebook once with the ability to seamlessly import results at the end of the assessment reporting cycle. Once in place, users who have access to Blackboard course learning data will be able to instantly connect course-level data captured in Blackboard to program and institution level outcomes in Anthology. Student scores will be imported from the LMS gradebook and automatically bucketed into the appropriate achievement level based on the assessment's thresholds. Additional important information related to the course assessment plan---including methodology, summary, and analysis---is recorded in Anthology's Outcomes system for accreditation reporting.

Minimum Supported Learn Version

Requires Learn version 3700.0.2 or higher