Anthology (formerly Campus Labs) Rubrics

Building Block

Faculty members can sync assignment and course data, use rubrics to score submissions, and publish scores and comments back into the BB gradebook.


Anthology Rubrics integrates with the gradebook in Blackboard so that scores arrived at using a rubric can be synchronized with a faculty member's gradebook - eliminating the "double work" of having to go back and enter the score after completing the rubric. Comments shared by faculty on the rubric can also be consumed by students in the student-facing area of Blackboard. Anthology Rubrics also integrates with the roster in Blackboard so that the listing of students in a given course section is pre-loaded for each assignment transferred to Anthology Rubrics. This makes it easier for faculty member to evaluate students quickly and efficiently. Like the connection between Blackboard and Anthology Rubrics, Anthology Rubrics also integrates with Anthology Outcomes for assessment reporting purposes. A faculty member can grade, assess, and report without ever leaving the platform, minimizing faculty effort and increasing compliance with institutional reporting expectations.

Minimum Supported Learn Version

Requires Learn version 3700.0.2 or higher

Building Block Version


Supported in SaaS