Badgr Spaces for Blackboard

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Issue and Verify Digital Badges and Stackable Micro-credentials with Badgr.


Welcome to Badgr Spaces for Blackboard,

Organizations worldwide use Badgr to create connected learning ecosystems that recognize achievement within their communities with verifiable, skills-aligned digital credentials, stackable learning pathways, and portable learner records.

Feature Highlights:

  • Integrate Badgr Spaces natively with Blackboard Learn in both the original and Ultra Experiences.
  • Build programs that include and verify credentials from third parties such as industry certifications.
  • Create and award verifiable badge awards based on your course objectives and learning outcomes.
  • Leverage at-a-glance, pathway progress, and real-time analytics based on awards to measure learner success.
  • Gamify your course and motivate your learners using customizable leaderboards.


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Badgr Pro creates a cross-course dashboard for managing learning and recognition within Blackboard Learn.

For Administrators:

  • Validate third-party credentials at scale to build programs that recognize prior learning from a wide variety of settings.
  • Align student learning outcomes and objectives with personalized digital credentials that can be securely shared with employers.
  • Provide your entire school or district with powerful pathway tools that help every member of your learning community know where they are in their learning journey while helping them make informed decisions about their next step.
  • Badgr Spaces integrates seamlessly with Blackboard Learn, ensuring that educators and support staff can focus on teaching and learning.
  • Once deployed, Badgr Spaces gives each of your learner's dynamic progress reports that align with your course objectives, pathway completion, and more!

For Faculty/IT Staff

  • Badgr Spaces saves your team time, through powerful automation options and triggers. It's easy to award a badge automatically when a learner completes an objective or demonstrates a new skill or competency.

  • Build programs that allow your instructional staff to recognize verified skills and credentials from third parties.

  • Synchronize Badgr Spaces with new objectives, rosters, and course availability to quickly reflect any changes made to Blackboard Learn courses and keep everyone on the same page.

  • No matter how many learners are included in your Blackboard Learn instance, Badgr Spaces tracks every award and presents users with visual maps of their progress using Badgr's intuitive pathways tool.

For Educators:

  • Quickly align course objectives with digital badges using Badgr Spaces, helping learners, employers, and others to understand the value of learning achievements from your institution.
  • Using completion triggers, educators can automatically award digital badges based on traditional assessments or scoring rules so they can focus on delivering differentiated and personalized learning experiences to learners who need it most.
  • Using Badgr Spaces, educators can get at-a-glance progress reports on entire courses or individual learners at any time from their visually connected learning pathways.
  • Educators can quickly gamify their courses using customizable leaderboards in Badgr Spaces. Optionally, learner names may be publicly displayed as fun animal aliases to ensure privacy.

For Learners/Students:

  • When objectives are aligned to digital badges, learners gain an easy-to-understand, real-time view of their unique learning journey.

  • Using Badgr Spaces, learners can see their personalized course progress displayed at the course level or along a learning pathway, without leaving Blackboard Learn.

  • Learners can be extrinsically motivated to compete against their classmates using leaderboards. Optionally, learner names may be anonymized and substituted with animal aliases to protect their privacy.

  • Learners can seamlessly share their verifiable, skills-aligned credentials with employers and other outside stakeholders, signaling their professional growth and career readiness.

About the Badgr Pro LTI App

Badgr Spaces is an LTI 1.3 tool providing digital badging capabilities in Blackboard Learn (and other LTI 1.3-capable LMSs). It provides the concept of a “Badgr Space” which represents a group of users working towards shared goals. In an LMS setting, learners and instructors in each course can see progress through badged learning objectives and pathways specific to the Space that is installed there.

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