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BioSig-ID™ is a software only biometric that offers continuous student authentication as they draw a 4-character code before accessing an exam.


BSI offers a 1-2-3 solution for Blackboard schools to help prevent cheating in the 5 areas of opportunity for students. Additionally, we offer privacy sparing technology to avoid all the privacy issues that over 140,000 students in 110 universities are currently petitioning about. Combined with our award winning AI that catches and details all the cheaters we provide the tools to ensure accreditation requirements for privacy and student ID verification. 

BioSig-ID™ is our 4 character DRAWN password to authenticate student ID. Instead of typing a password, the student draws in their secret code. This is added to the curriculum at the course, quiz or custom levels. Quiz Intercept being the most common. BioSig-ID™ can be required to verify identity before access to tests, exams, discussion threads or paper submissions since its used before any conditional release.

The pattern compares to the original profile and decides if the student is permitted to open the assessment or not. Works on all devices and no special hardware or software required. It is the only privacy sparing biometric as it can be revoked and replaced when used as a regular password.

BioSight-ID™ our automated proctoring solution offers Face Anonymization to avoid all the privacy issues. Web cam monitoring using blurred faces catches multiple cheating, available 24x7 no scheduling required, no distracting live proctors, no downloads, works with Chromebooks, low cost, unlimited use, used with BioSig-ID™ verification. 

Forensics/AI tools do all the work for you to identify cheating students and provide you with ready - made reports showing how the students were cheating or attempting to cheat. These include:

  1. Cheating stopped due to identity failure
  2. IP conflicts impossible to be in both places/countries at same time
  3. Same password/pattern one doing work for others or many
  4. Taking assignments together
  5. Multiple people taking an exam
  6. Use of VPN, other devices, talking and more

Cloud based, biometric multi-factor authentication solutions for any device without special hardware. BioSig-ID™ offers the same accuracy of other biometrics but resets, unique in biometric identity proofing. BSI was named a Top 10 Multi-factor Authentication Provider for 2018 by Enterprise Security Magazine.

Minimum Supported Learn Version

Blackboard Learn 9.1 SP4+ Blackboard Learn 3000+ (self-hosted or managed) Blackboard Learn SaaS 3000+, but preferably latest as we constantly add new functionality that requires the updated Blackboard SaaS version.

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