Ultra Ready LTI + REST

Blue is an adaptive course evaluation solution that offers you flexibility, personalization, and control when gathering student feedback.


Why Blue?
Course evaluations can be a lengthy, costly process. Evaluations need to be sent out, responses analyzed, and reports created; that's several steps, and this is a simplified version of events. Blue can bring value to any institution by reducing the time needed to prepare, send, analyze, and produce reports for course evaluations.


Once set up, Blue takes care of the rest.
With Blue you can fully automate your feedback gathering processes, making them more efficient. Leverage your existing infrastructure through Blue’s best-in-class integration capabilities for unequaled automation, top security and data privacy, and flexibility. Blue’s scalable structure will meet your evolving organizational needs while the latest accessibility standards will ensure that you deliver an equivalent experience to all.

Support data-driven decisions at all levels of your organizational hierarchy to accelerate improvement. With Blue’s robust reporting engine – which includes metadata augmentation and text mining for enriched context – you can provide the right results, in the right way, to the right stakeholders.


Feature highlights:

  • Integration: Leverage your existing source data and hierarchy in Blackboard; Blue is Ultra-ready.
  • Accessibility: Meet the latest accessibility standards for WCAG 2.1 (AA) and Section 508 for both students and instructors, and provide an equivalent experience to all.
  • Text Analytics: Tap into your qualitative student feedback data and obtain a more complete picture of how their learning is evolving.
  • Powerful Reporting: Perform time trend analysis to compare improvement result evolution or aggregate your results by any criteria that matter (departmental, organizational, etc.).
  • Smart Notifications: Send centralized and personalized invitations, reminders, emails, and SMS notifications to participants anytime, anywhere.


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