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Bluepulse is an engagement network that allows you to easily connect with everyone across your entire network in real time.


Why Bluepulse?
Don’t wait until the end of the semester to find out students are having difficulties. Don’t wait for weeks to find out that campus services have been lacking. With Bluepulse live formative feedback, create open communication across your entire campus and reduce the time it takes to go from identifying a problem to providing a solution. Bluepulse can integrate with Blackboard and gives everyone a voice. Information can be confidential when necessary, providing an open and safe place for learning, development, and personal growth.


From application to graduation.
Go beyond the basic classroom. More than 80% of learning nowadays happens outside of the classroom. Start connecting with prospective students from the moment they apply to join your institution. Strengthen the relationship between students and your institution by making it easy for them to communicate candidly. Close the feedback loop swiftly and ensure that no one is left behind.

Bluepulse is all about student inclusion and engagement. Through direct, indirect, and recurring check-ins your institution’s academic leaders, campus administrators, and instructors can get the insights they need to make impactful changes throughout a student’s academic life.


Foundations of Bluepulse and live formative feedback.

  1. Teaching Effectiveness
    • Continual measurement of specific teaching goals and/or objectives.
    • Engage your students in the overall learning process by checking in with them as needed.
    • Use root cause analysis to qualify further and understand key student learning experience enablers.
    • Package and share teaching and learning fact-based evidence to support tenure and promotion tracks.
  2. Student Learning
    • Engage students in the continuous improvement of their learning journey, from day 1.
    • Support the first year student experience to minimize drop-outs and maximize success.
    • Make sure that no student is left behind by providing a confidential way for everyone to be heard.
  3. Student Engagement
    • Offer students, instructors, and administrators a safe space where improvement-centric conversations can take place.
    • Open two-way communication channels among students, instructors, and administrators to connect across all facets of the educational experience.
    • Close the feedback loop by acknowledging, following up, and reflecting on student feedback as needed.
  4. Decision Support
    • Provide campus administrators with the capability to get laser-focused feedback on-demand.
    • Support key institutional projects or initiatives with powerful context-rich live analytics.
    • Connect and engage other stakeholders in the academic process, including instructors, teaching assistants, staff, and leadership.


Feature highlights

  • Check-ins: Capture the insights you need to improve the institutional experience by checking in with students at any time.
  • Integration: Offer a better Blackboard experience with a fully embedded feedback channel as well as enhanced learning analytics capabilities.
  • Analytics: Service administrators and managers can track improvement progress and key success indicators of the departments or the entire institution.
  • Accessibility: Bluepulse is equivalent experience certified and fully compliant with the latest accessibility standards, including WCAG 2.1 (AA) and ADA Section 508.


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