Ultra Ready LTI + REST

Buddycheck allows for fast and customisable peer evaluations to assess team work. Completely integrated into your Blackboard course.


Contact us to ask for LTI credentials. You use these to integrate Buddycheck into Blackboard in a few steps. Alternatively, you ask the IT department to do this.
Buddycheck is added to the course menu. As an instructor you start creating an evaluation.
All group and student data is imported directly from your course. Using default questions you can create your first evaluation in seconds. You can also create custom questions easily.
When the evaluation starts, students will receive a link by email to complete their evaluation.
As instructor, you can view the results in Blackboard. When ready, you release the results to the students. Please contact us if you are also interested in importing the evaluation results directly back to the Blackboard grading book.
That's it! You now have a more measured understanding of group collaboration in your course. This will help you to correctly assess and grade your students.