CirQlive MEETS

Ultra Ready LTI + REST

CirQlive MEETS- Managing, Organizing, and Scaling your Online Learning Platforms- Maximizing the LIVE interaction between teachers and students.

  • No more headaches of managing the online education platform. Streamline and automize setting up the teachers' web conferencing accounts, scheduling the sessions,managing attendance and recordings, and an extensive overview of the stats and analytics of your online learning usage.
  • Multiple platform capability-  CirQlive works with many different web conferencing such as Webex, Zoom, GoToMeeting and BlueJeans.  We can offer a free assessment of which platforms best fit your needs.
  • Make your teachers and students life easy, while enhancing the experience-  learn how to easily schedule sessions and join them with a click, view recordings and attendance records, streamline meeting reminders to assure no one misses a class, sending out scheduling updates, schedule 1:1 tutoring,office hours, and virtual parent teacher conferences.
  • No More "Zoom Bombing"- Security, Security, Security- We will show you how to know that your students and teachers are safe online with no more "Zoom Bombing" via our automatically generated unique url link system.  No need to ever send out your personal room link again.
  • Free Teacher Training- learn from our experts with over a decade of teaching LIVE via web conferencing on the best tips and tricks on how to make the virtual classroom as open, welcoming, friendly and educational as an in person classroom. 
Minimum Supported Learn Version

Blackboard in Learn 9.1 SP4

Feature Parity in Ultra

The MEETS platform both in features and functionalities are the same in Learn Original and Learn Ultra