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Moving to Blackboard Ultra?

We have officially launched our Ultra Integration project with Blackboard. Our team is working closely with Blackboard's to develop the integration that will best support the design, features and functionality that will give our shared customers the best experience possible:

  • Integration Framework Reports & Support: Collaborated directly with the Blackboard Ultra to deliver a complete integration framework for EesySoft Reports and Support to work in Ultra.
  • Developing Master Content: Currently our product and content teams are working on building the master content for Blackboard Ultra.
  • Messaging Integration Framework: Blackboard plans to complete and provide access to the complete integration framework for EesySoft messages.

EesySoft's full Ultra integration is planned soon. Initially, customers will have Support, Report and Monitoring functionalities available. The support button will be available everywhere and not only in original courses. However, Messaging in Ultra will not be ready until Q1 2020.

We'll be posting regular updates and progress here: EesySoft's Blackboard Ultra Integration project