EvaluationKIT by Watermark

Ultra Ready LTI + REST

Seamless course evaluations within Blackboard, purpose-built for higher ed. Get high response rates and connect student feedback to improvement.


Watermark offers a two-pronged integration between EvaluationKIT and Blackboard to help you more successfully capture, reflect on and apply lessons from student feedback. Use the data integration to ensure that the right students, instructors and teaching assistants gain access to course evaluations for the right courses at the right time. Then use the user integration to enable students and instructors to access and interact with their EvaluationKIT surveys and results right from Blackboard.

Data Integration:

  • Build your EvaluationKIT survey project by searching, selecting, and importing the relevant courses and student, instructor and teaching assistant enrollments directly from Blackboard.
  • Automatically refresh enrollments to keep your course evaluations in sync with adds and drops in Blackboard.
  • Encourage students to complete course evaluations by offering extra credit. This optional feature enables Blackboard Administrators or Instructors to assign a specific number of points for completed surveys, and then automatically generates a Gradebook item with the corresponding points when a student completes the specified survey.

User Integration:
Provide a seamless user experience between Blackboard and EvaluationKIT, without the need to log in separately:

  • Increase visibility to outstanding surveys and enable students to access and complete them directly from within their courses and the My Institution page in Blackboard
  • Drive higher response rates with automated survey notifications
  • Apply optional settings to increase the level of disruptiveness of the notification as the survey deadline approaches (e.g., show or suppress a “Do it Later” button)
  • Make it easy for instructors and administrators to keep track of response rates and access results with a shortcut to EvaluationKIT on their Home Page in Blackboard (Note: This capability for instructors and administrators is not yet available for the Ultra experience, but is available for the Original Learn experience.)

For information on how to set up the EvaluationKIT + Blackboard integration, please log into EvaluationKIT and navigate to the "Blackboard" article in the Help Center or contact your EvaluationKIT Administrator.

Minimum Supported Learn Version