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EvaSys provides an unrivaled level of automation of the entire survey process when collecting student feedback.


Why conduct surveys with EvaSys?

The regular evaluation of courses through the assessment of students is an important component of assuring the quality of teaching and studies. With EvaSys you hold all the cards in your hands for all phases of a survey. The survey itself can be conducted as a classic paper-based survey, online survey or combined as a hybrid survey. EvaSys supports the conduction of surveys from creating questionnaires to the automated capturing and evaluation. The web-based platform with its role concept is ideal for a straightforward use in spread out organizations.

The software, specifically catered to the requirements of universities, is suitable for a wide variety of survey projects and can be especially utilized for course evaluations. With EvaSys, you receive an unrivaled level of automation of the entire process. The scalable and modern software architecture
supports you with the problem-free integration into your IT environment.

Your EvaSys benefits at a glance

  • Personal designs and flexible questionnaires
  • Paper-based, online and hybrid surveys
  • Unrivaled level of automation of the entire survey process due to automated batch events with just a few clicks
  • Flexible user structure
  • Optimized display of online surveys for tablets and smart phones (accessible according to WCAG 2.1 AA)
  • The survey automation process increases the value of data due to high response rates and offers the perfect base for the subsequent qualitative processing of collected data
  • Data import from course management systems (CSV, XML, direct data import using the Data Bridge option)
  • EvaSys supports you in protecting your data and managing it securely
  • First-class support

BlackBoard & EvaSys interaction

The EvaSys LTI® integration functionality allows you to use the built-in LTI® framework of your BlackBoard system to display EvaSys survey information within the student and instructor views:

Students have a dashboard providing survey information in a rich and customizable content.Visual indicators have been incorporated to encourage students to take their surveys. Instructors get response rates of their surveys throughout the evaluation period to help them encourage their students to participate. The EvaSys tool can be configured to provide access or not to course evaluation results such as PDF or CSV and can be displayed directly into BlackBoard.

Use BlackBoard in combination with EvaSys for your student surveys and benefit from

  • Publication of evaluations at a prominent place
  • Display of open surveys that have not been participated in yet
  • Higher response rates due to increased visibility and accessibility of online survey
  • No additional barriers of manual password input (single sign-on)
  • No problems with out-dated or unused e-mail accounts
Feature Parity in Ultra

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