Gamification Leaderboard

Ultra Ready LTI + REST

Displays class in gamefully designed tools. A progress graph, or leaderboard, will show all students and their current progress in course points


Why use a course gamification leaderboard?
It encourages faculty to keep grades current.
Students realize someone is paying attention to their progress and has a bigger picture perspective.
Following the adage, “you cannot manage what you do not measure”, students see evidence of the progress of others and see overall measurement of class progress.
Intrinsic motivation is activated with some competitive feelings (the leaderboard does not sort by progress or assign placement, which mitigates discouragement of being at “the bottom of the board”).
Seeing “gamification” in the course menu helps to mitigate anxiety and undo some of the dysfunctional illusions of rigor in higher education.
A course leaderboard helps to set a growth mindset on progress instead of treating grades as final

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Feature Parity in Ultra

Works in Ultra.