Kaltura Video

Ultra Ready LTI + REST

Seamlessly add video to your Blackboard Learn Ultra environment.


Kaltura's Video Tool for Blackboard Ultra offers an out-of-the-box extension that enables you to view, record, upload, publish, search, and share video directly from your Blackboard Ultra environment. This translates into time and money saved for your organization, improved student engagement, creativity and learning results, as well as ease of use for students, faculty and teaching assistants.

Kaltura's Video Tool for Blackboard Ultra makes it easy to add the robust capabilities of Kaltura's open source online video platform to any Blackboard site. The package was developed specifically for Blackboard Ultra and integrates with other features and modules, such as Mashup items and institution and course homepages, so that users can upload and embed media easily.

Feature Parity in Ultra

The Kaltura Media functionality provided by this LTI+REST integration in the Ultra experience of Blackboard Learn is equivalent to the functionality provided by v5.4.01 of the "Kaltura Integration" Building Block in the Original Experience of Blackboard Learn.