LTI Advantage

Ultra Ready LTI + REST

AEFIS strongly believes in interoperability, is a proud member of the IMS Global Learning Consortium, and an early adopter of LTI.


AEFIS LTI Tools Integration
AEFIS Tools integration allows students and instructors the ability to view and edit related AEFIS content within the context of a Blackboard course.


  • LTI Tool Provider Key supplied by AEFIS
  • LTI Tool Provider Secret supplied by AEFIS
  • Tool Provider Custom Parameters content supplied by AEFIS
  • Tool Provider URL supplied by AEFIS
  • AEFIS Icon supplied by AEFIS
  • REST Application ID supplied by AEFIS
  • AEFISProxyTool Shared Password
  • Blackboard Course ID provided in the Course Section file of the data feed sent to AEFIS