On-Demand Microlearning Library

Ultra Ready LTI + REST

Tap into a repository of thousands of “on-demand” digital educational resources delivered directly through your course in Blackboard.


BLENDING EDUCATION’s library of digital educational resources is brimming with "on-demand" microlearning lessons for secondary and higher education in Science, Mathematics, Social Sciences, Humanities, College Success, Business, Law, and Advanced Placement (AP®). Tap our learning repository to get instant, self-grading lessons that work seamlessly within your course in Blackboard.

We offer thousands of lessons in over 40 courses that are aligned with OpenStax, NGSS, TEKS, and Common Core, and new courses are constantly being added. When you install the BLENDING EDUCATION App, you'll get FREE access to hundreds of lessons from every one of our courses! You can continue to use our free resources or purchase courses, packages or the entire library of learning resources.

Minimum Supported Learn Version

Requires Learn version 9.1 Q4 2019 or higher, or ability to add an LTI1.3 Advantage Tool.