Building Block

Panopto's Building Block now enables: single sign-on, course provisioning, rolling synchronization for user access, and immediate video viewing.


Adding the Panopto course tool to a Blackboard course will create a folder in Panopto which stores all Panopto videos for that course. Additionally, each course will get its own folder.

Panopto’s free Blackboard integration brings video directly to the Blackboard interface. Instructors can add and manage their video files inside their familiar Blackboard classroom folders. And each live webcast and on-demand recording can be linked or embedded as Blackboard classroom content, where students can watch on any laptop or mobile device.

When users access Blackboard through the course tool or embedded videos, they are automatically signed into Panopto. Instructors are given Creator access in Panopto which allows them to record, edit, and change video settings. Students are given Viewer access and can view videos. The Sharing Settings are synced with the Blackboard course enrollment, so students are automatically able to access the correct videos if they add or drop a course.

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Minimum Supported Learn Version

Blackboard Plugin November 2019 Update 1 This plugin fully supports the following Blackboard versions (list updated on 2019-05-10); Blackboard Learn 9.1 Q2 2019 (build 3700), Q4 2018 (build 3500), Q2 2018 (build 3400), Q4 2017 (build 3300), and Blackboard SaaS build 3700. Note that the support versions may change over the lifetime of this plugin. Please refer this support article for more details. This plugin does not work with Ultra experience courses on Blackboard SaaS environment. This version is tested against the release candidate of upcoming Blackboard SaaS 3800 running on OpenJDK 11. All SaaS customers should update to this plugin version before your SaaS site is updated to 3800, otherwise older version of plugin may stop working at that time.

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