ReadSpeaker for LMS

Building Block

With ReadSpeaker text-to-speech solutions, students can listen to any online content, providing an enhanced learning experience.


Ensuring that courses support all learning styles and are accessible is central to education today. Research shows that bimodal learning improves word recognition, vocabulary, comprehension, fluency, accuracy, and recall, as well as increased motivation and enhanced confidence for ALL learners. 

ReadSpeaker’s text-to-speech technology extends the reach of educational content by instantly creating an audio version of courses, lessons, tests, quizzes, assessments, reading assignments, and any other text-based content, including documents. Our cloud-based solutions are easy to integrate into the Blackboard learning environment, giving students easy access to audio within the learning environment.

ReadSpeaker supports universal design for learning and improves comprehension by simultaneously presenting information in visual and audio formats 


  • Just one click to listen and follow along with the highlighted text

  • Floating Listen button, player, and toolbar stay visible when scrolling down on a page and can be conveniently repositioned by user 

  • Read on hover allows users to scroll over an area of text and have it read aloud automatically 

  • Simple view shows the content in an easy-to-read format, using font, size, and colors of your choice 

  • Integrated reading and translation tools 

  • Audio File – Download an MP3 audio file of the content for offline listening

  • Quick and easy access to all features through expandable player and toolbar