Remark Test Grading

Ultra Ready LTI + REST

Remark Test Grading streamlines and simplifies the test grading process. This easy-to-use solution quickly grades both paper and online tests.


Why Remark?

It is particularly important these days for schools to understand what their students know and where there are learning gaps. Through regular assessment of students, schools can better understand these potential issues and can get students back on track promptly. Used by schools and universities around the world, Remark Test Grading is a great tool to assist in this important task.

The fully cloud-based application allows individual instructors to create paper or online tests, quizzes, and assessments that can be automatically processed and graded. In addition to multiple choice items, tests can contain open response items that are graded on-screen by the instructor. Remark Test Grading is not tied to any particular hardware, so paper forms are printed on any printer and scanned with any scanner or MFP. 

For those administering online tests, the application distributes tests to students who then take them in any web browser. Student submissions are automatically graded by the Remark application and results are available immediately to instructors. Those who have a mixture of in class and remote students can use a mixed mode distribution method so that each student is getting the version appropriate for their situation.

In either case, results are available in seconds and instructors can dive into the analysis, which provides insight into the student, class, test, and item performance on the test. Fully flexible answer keys allow instructors to customize the key by changing or adding possible correct answers, throwing out questions, assigning points per question, setting up learning objectives and grade scales, and much more. Remark makes grading easy!

Remark Test Grading is a scalable, modern solution that requires minimal IT interaction to set up and maintain. Each instructor has their own account and only has access to their classes and tests. A full permissions system allows the Administrator to assign different privileges and roles to each of their users. The secure system is hosted on Amazon Web Services with data center locations currently in the US or Canada. 

Using Remark Test Grading with Blackboard

Using the Blackboard REST API, the Blackboard Connector for Remark Test Grading allows you to seamlessly import your class rosters and tests, and then send the test grades back to Blackboard, all with just a few clicks. Once the Administrator makes the connection between Remark and Blackboard, individual instructors can connect to their Blackboard accounts quickly and easily where they will have access to pull in their class rosters and tests. It's easy to use interface allows you to easily assess students and then send the grades back to the Blackboard portal.  Except for grades that are sent to Blackboard for a given assessment, Blackboard will always remain the primary source for your data, changes cannot be made to Blackboard classes or students from within Remark.