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Increase students self reflection through skill specific feedback. Provide real-time direct feedback on presentation skills.


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We launched FeedbackFruits Educators Initiative for passionate educators who want to innovate and share their learnings with their peers. Get selected and gain lifelong free access to FeedbackFruits pedagogical tool suite today.

What is Skill Review?

Skill Review is a pedagogical tool used by instructors to evaluate the performance of students based on pre selected criteria by the teacher. Students can quickly reflect on their performance and assess areas of potential improvement.

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Why is Skill Review useful for learning?

Feedback on performance is a practice that is often used in Education. Research shows that when instructors offer a good and structured feedback to students, it enhances their overall experience and motivates them to significantly improve on the long run.

How does Skill Review work?

This tool facilitates the process of skill feedback by enhancing the efficiency and easiness of the process for both students and instructors. This tool was designed with the firm belief that its ease of use will determine its success. Therefore, depending on the teacher’s didactic method, the plugin allows them to create extra activities such as:

  • Teacher evaluates student presentations
  • Teachers provides feedback on negotiations skills

Hear from your colleagues

"With the tools of FeedbackFruits, our students collaborate more and learn from one another in different scenarios as they would in professional life." - Jeroen Prent (Education Manager from University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam)

"Tools make it easy to set up active and collaborative activities that push student learning through interactive and engaging assignments." - Teresa Martinez (Executive MBA Program Director from IE Business School)


All FeedbackFruits tools including Skill Review can be fully integrated with Blackboard.

Security, Privacy and Accessibility

‍This service is offered with regular high standards to comply with Accessibility, Data privacy/security and FERPA regulations. All communication between the end user and our servers is encrypted using TLS with AES-256. All stored personal data is not accessible for third parties. Back-ups are made daily and are saved using AES-256 encryption. All data is secured according to the strict General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) as set by the European Union. We are also compliant with the internationally recognized accessibility standard WCAG. We cover versions WCAG 1 to WCAG 2.1, on Level A as well as Level AA.

A bit of background…

This tool is a result of a collaboration between partners from the Edtech Dotank, comprised of over 40 leading universities, such as MIT, TUDelft and HULT International Business School. All partners are united in their aim and dedication to accelerate the implementation of active, blended and online learning. The Dotank is facilitated by FeedbackFruits, as is the process of creating and distributing evidence-based learning activities and the digital means to support them.

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In the Dotank we work with international universities that aim to speed up pedagogical innovation in higher education. Each of our tools are carefully designed by co-creating with instructors and students to support an ever-increasing number of learning activities.

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