Sphere Engine for Education

Ultra Ready LTI + REST

Create, edit, and describe coding challenges. Define test cases, manage the judging algorithms, and auto-grade the code of your students.


Sphere Engine for Education 

Sphere Engine for Education is our key solution to set up programming problems inside any Learning Management System (LMS) and automatically assess them allowing tutors to provide feedback in real-time.

Programming problems are a great way to teach and assess the programming skills of your students. Such challenges are crucial in teaching programming to future developers, no matter their age. The satisfaction and rush they get from solving a programming puzzle is a big motivational kick into pursuing a career as a developer or in STEM in general. Coding challenges are now an industry-standard in filtering and recruiting the best software developers. Give your students a head start! 

Thanks to our tool tutors using LMSs will be able to quickly set up programming problems, automate their grading, and assess the progress of their students instantly.

The benefits
We enable tutors and students to reach their maximum capacity inside a “learn to code” environment.

  • Tutors improve their productivity with full automation of the code assessment process and students get instant feedback on their work in real-time.
  • a Content Management System to create, import, and export programming challenges with descriptions, test cases, and predefined input data
  • a dedicated communication channel for tutors and students
  • support for over 80 programming languages and technologies
  • auto-grading - automation of the code assessment processes (extra time for tutors to focus on direct student interaction)
  • all-in-one-place code organization and assignment storage (easy curriculum management)
  • tutors can comment on each source code submission, allowing for specific, detailed feedback for every student

Sphere Engine for Education serves as an all-around tool with benefits no matter your role inside the LMS of your choice:

  • Student (solve real programming challenges in one of 80 available programming languages, get instant feedback from your tutor)
  • Instructor, Teaching Assistant, Course Builder, Grader, Teacher, Facilitator (prepare detailed programming challenges, save time with automated grading, give feedback to your students instantly)

How to integrate
To successfully integrate Sphere Engine for Education, your LMS must support the LTI standard.

Set up your Sphere Engine account for free and follow the Sphere Engine LTI tool integration guidelines.

A step-by-step guide on how to integrate Sphere Engine for Education with Blackboard


Minimum Supported Learn Version

version 3700.5.0