Talview Remote Proctoring

Ultra Ready LTI + REST

Ensure the authenticity of your candidate’s knowledge and identity.


Ensure the authenticity of your candidate’s knowledge and identity through Talview's advanced online proctoring solution with a 100% seamless and unobtrusive software experience. The features of remote proctoring are: - Advanced Automated or Live Online Proctoring: Talview's system is completely automated and is always monitoring suspicious activity using advanced video and audio analytics. Our software ensures the candidate focuses on the test screen; monitors the light and other factors in the room; checks for suspicious objects and background voice activity; and watches the browser window to detect changes. Any of these will immediately red flag the test! - Cheat-Proof Online Live Tests: Administer tests that candidates can take remotely and get notified if the candidate is cheating through a detailed log of suspicious browser activity and audio-visual responses that get recorded during the interview. Prevent cheating by disabling candidates to copy/paste answers during an exam. - Face Recognition to Avoid Impersonation: Talview offers advanced facial recognition features to authenticate that your candidate is the actual person taking your exam or assessment. We provide a confidence score to help ensure a match, and our Two-Factor Authentication process helps you avoid fraudulent activity by quickly restricting test access.  Talview offers support for mobile devices including iOS and Chromebooks