Via by Watermark

Ultra Ready LTI + REST

Share, assess, reflect and develop ePortfolios, then return the relevant results back to the Blackboard gradebook in one tool, no duplicated effort.


Via by Watermark is an assessment management solution that specializes in supporting rubric-based assessment of learning experiences wherever they happen - both in and outside the classroom. Via empowers learners to showcase and reflect on their holistic learning journey, and makes it easy to report on student progress toward accreditation standards, learning outcomes, and program benchmarks.

The integration between Via and Blackboard Learn streamlines the process of assessing signature assignments -- those which are both graded within the course and used to assess the effectiveness of the program or general education curriculum. Use the integration to:

  • Surface key assignments in Blackboard Learn courses, for students to complete right where they’re engaging with other course assignments
  • Make it easy for instructors to navigate from Blackboard Learn to Via to assess student submissions and return grades back to Blackboard, eliminating double work
Minimum Supported Learn Version

Blackboard Learn 9.1+