Watermark Planning & Self-Study

Ultra Ready LTI + REST

Easily incorporate gradebook columns from Blackboard Learn into annual and longitudinal assessment reporting, reflection, and action planning efforts.


Watermark Planning & Self-Study supports the critical, foundational work of assessment planning and accreditation. Manage all assessment efforts, get results faster, engage in meaningful self-study, document institutional effectiveness for accreditation, and focus on improving student outcomes in a single, easy-to-use system.

The integration between Blackboard Learn and Planning & Self-Study makes it easy for faculty to contribute their assessment results to the annual planning and reporting cycle.

Access Blackboard Learn right from within your assessment plan in Planning & Self-Study and align the results you've captured in your courses to the relevant measures in that plan.
Live links make it easy to keep the results in your assessment plans in sync with what’s in Blackboard Learn as time goes on and you capture more data.
Review and reflect on the associated results in the context of the measure, assessment plan, and overarching longitudinal program, unit and institutional performance to help you demonstrate success and develop action plans to drive continuous improvement.

See it in action here.

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